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We started our journey in 2019 and we grew with time, but we still have the same goals.

Although we started as a Proof-of-Work project, due to the latest developments in blockchain technology, we started migrating to Proof-of-Stake in December, 2022. We hope that our migration will be finished by May, 2023, but we will update our roadmap and statuses according to the development.



Our ecosystem was created in order to provide the most basic human standards such as purified water, electricity and gas to people in poor areas.



In order to make a real difference, ERON is helping the implementation of cryptocurrencies as a legal payment method.



We aim to create a fair, decentralised system that will not be bias towards anyone, a system that will be fair to all and that will not be controlled by anyone.


Our ecosystem provides all necessary components for users and projects to enjoy using it.


ERON Testnet

Testnet of the ecosystem - explorer, faucet, staking.



The centralised exchange of the ERON ecosystem.



ERON decentralised wallet is available for download for Ios and Android.


ERON Mainnet

The ERON Mainnet - explorer, rpc & staking.



The decetralised exchange of the ecosystem.



The solution for all users to make payments using cryptocurrencies.


The distribution of our token is as follows:

Current ERON BEP20 (BSC) Contract:


Contracts generated at Mainnet Launch:

ERON ERN20 (ERN) Contract:

to come at mainnet launch

wERON BEP20 (BSC) Contract:

to come at mainnet launch

eERON ERC20 (ETH) Contract:

to come at mainnet launch

At mainnet launch, bridges between ERN, BSC and ETH blockchains will be deployed as well.


It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

ERONBit migration - February, 2023

Migration of all ERONbit into the new platform.

Testnet Securing - February, 2023

Securing the current PoS Testnet.

Integration of Testnet into ERON Wallet, ERON Swap & ERONbit - March, 2023

Integrating the Testnet intoERON platforms.

Mainnet Launch - April, 2023

Launch of the ERON Mainnet.

Integration of the Mainnet into ERONBit and ERON Swap - April, 2023

The integration of the new blockchain into ERONBit exchange.

Listing of ERONbit exchange on CMC and CG - May, 2023

Listing and official API in CMC and CG for appearence on exchange page.

Populating the blockchain and exchange - May, 2023

The start of populating ERON Mainnet and ERONBit platforms with projects and contracts.

Install ERON Wallet today!

ERON Wallet offers easy management of all assets including ERON in a decentralised manner. With a browser inside it, the wallet will let all users, buy, sell, stake and send any asset at any time!

Once installed, please make sure to back-up your seedphrase. Because ERON Wallet is a decentralised wallet, your seedphrase cannot be accessed by anyone else except you and it is necessary to access your account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people have asked. If you have a question that is not in the FAQ section, please feel free to get in touch with us via email.

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset.. better said, digital money. It is also an investment form for some people, just like stocks, forex and other financial instruments.

Proof-of-Work (PoW) is a consensus algorithm used to secure blockchains and to create new coins. In order for a new transaction to be accepted and verified, it must be supported by a certain amount of computing power, or “proof-of-work”. This process helps to prevent double spending and other fraudulent activity. Basically, it is the way security works on some blockchains, mostly done through MINERS that mine blocks and use a lot of energy.

Proof-of-Stake (PoS) is a consensus algorithm that is used to validate transactions on a blockchain network. It works by requiring users to stake their coins or tokens as collateral in order to validate transactions. In return, the users receive rewards in the form of new coins or tokens. PoS is seen as an alternative to the more common Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm, which requires miners to use expensive hardware and a significant amount of energy to validate transactions.

Until December 2022, we had a PoW blockchain where miners mined transactions and were rewarded for mining. Because we want to be a sustainable blockchain we have started migrating our blockchain where blocks were secured by miners to a blockchain where the blocks are secured by validators (people who stake ERON).

The migration itself does NOT affect you at all at this point. Once our mainnet will be launched, we will ask all holders to deposit their tokens in ERONBit in order to have their ERON swapped to the denominated ERON, that will be launched along with the mainnet.

Once our mainnet is launched, anyone interested can stake their ERONs in liquidity pools or ask to become validators. Please be advised that becoming a validator comes with certain conditions and responsabilities, that we will publish on the staking page of our mainnet.
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